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ARGENTINA | 14-02-2020 16:58

'Los rugbiers': 8 of 10 Villa Gesell attackers remanded in custody

Eight of group charged with homicide; two who were previously released, Alejo Milanesi, 20, and Juan Pedro Guarino, 19, will remain under investigation.

Villa Gesell Judge David Mancinelli, trying the case of the brutal killing of teenager Fernando Báez Sosa, ruled yesterday that eight of the 10 rugby players accused of his death would be remanded in custody under pre-trial detention, facing charges of homicide with malice aforethought.

The octet was named as Luciano Pertossi, 18, Ayrton Viollaz, 20, Matías Benicelli, 20, Blas Cinalli, 18, Máximo Thomsen, 20, Enzo Comelli, 19, Ciro Pertossi, 19, and Lucas Pertossi, 20, will remain in jail awaiting trial.

The family of Fernando Báez Sosa had asked that all 10 defendants for the murder of their 19-year-old son be remanded in custody, including Alejo Milanesi, 20, and Juan Pedro Guarino, 19, whom witnesses and security cameras failed to identify as being present at the scene. However, they remain on trial until the collection of evidence has been completed.

At the Thursday hearing the defendants were granted the opportunity to testify but all declined except Benicelli, who said: "We did not mean to kill him." 

Furthermore, Thomsen broke down and wept when defence lawyer Hugo Tomei asked that the eight defendants most implicated be granted house arrest.

Tomei also challenged prosecutor Verónica Zamboni, accusing her of falsifying evidence, misrepresenting facts and giving false testimony among other objections.


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