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ARGENTINA | 28-07-2021 15:07

City Hall issues porteños with Covid vaccine certificates via WhatsApp

City Hall is now issuing vaccinated residents with a Covid-19 certificate via WhatsApp, giving porteños a digital record of their Covid-19 tests and vaccine shots.

The Buenos Aires City government has announced that it will issue vaccinated residents with a Covid-19 certificate via WhatsApp, giving porteños a digital record of their Covid-19 tests and treatments.

Under the scheme, City residents can request a digital record of their data with respect to Covid-19. The certificate will include details of the brand and dose regarding each vaccine received, its date and place of application and each individual’s most recent test result, including information on its date and the result.

Though City Hall is not believed to be planning to introduce a Covid-19 “health passport” that would restrict services and movement to residents, the certificate features a QR code that guarantees the veracity of the information provided.

“Today we take another step forward towards the integration of your health information, so that you can certify your situation with Covid-19 at any time and place from your mobile phone,” said Fernando Benegas, City Hall’s Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation.

To obtain a certificate, porteños need to write to ‘Boti,’ the City’s WhatsApp bot on 11-5050-0147, and write “Certificado Covid,” then follow instructions.

The move comes after the national government announced that each citizen can now request a "Digital Vaccination Certificate" via its Mi Argentina app, which is available free on the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Using a CUIL and email address, those vaccinated will be able to find a certificate detailing their information in the 'My Documents' centre.


Exit from virus crisis

Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta on Tuesday outlined a six-stage timetable that would allow the gradual loosening of Covid-19 restrictions.

Announcing that the first stage would begin immediately, the opposition leader said the progress of when residents would adopt the measures applicable for each stage would “depend on the evolution of the health situation" in the Federal Capital.

Under City Hall’s plan, limits on businesses, sporting establishments, entertainment events and venues and restaurants and bars will be loosened bit-by-bit, along with size limits on social gatherings. 

By the time the City reaches "stage four" of its plan, face masks will only be mandatory in closed spaces and public transport, with stage six considered "back to normal," without restrictions, protocols or social distancing measures.



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