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ARGENTINA | 19-07-2023 14:28

Small plane carrying 300 kilos of cocaine crashed in Chaco Province

Local police found the vehicle crashed in a nearby rural area. The Bolivian registered aircraft may have been stolen from a Bolivian airfield last Sunday.

A small airplane transporting over 300 kilos of cocaine, camouflaged in bread, crashed on Tuesday around 4 pm due to a “technical malfunction”, in a rural area located between Concepción del Bermejo and Avia Terai, province of Chaco. The aircraft was registered in Bolivia and it might have been stolen from a Bolivian airfield last Sunday, according to the preliminary investigation.


Police officers arrived after 4 pm and found the small airplane upside down, identified by its number plate CP-3123. Inside was a large rectangular green box, housing the substances stored in the shape of “loaves”, according to police sources.


Police inspector Javier Miers stated that the “the cargo may be over 300 kilos of cocaine”, while talking to Diario Chaco.


“It plummeted five kilometres north of the city and National Route 6, near a primary school on the outskirts, in campo La Aurora”, Miers elaborated.


The small plane may have crashed due to a “technical malfunction”


On the other hand, the police inspector warned that for now it had not been determined “whether the Bolivian plane was headed for Sáenz Peña. It’s all very fresh, and police staff are working at the site weighing the cocaine loaves”.


Even though the specifics of the accident are not yet known, Miers underlined to the above-mentioned publication that early speculations may point to “the aircraft having a technical malfunction and plummeting to the ground at 4 pm on Tuesday”.


Residents of the rural area also confirmed that during the crash two white vans quickly fled the scene.


According to local media, the small plane might have been stolen from a Bolivian airfield last Sunday.

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