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ARGENTINA | 19-07-2023 12:44

Argentina hails Malvinas ‘triumph of democracy’ as EU acknowledges dispute

The Argentine Foreign Ministry hailed it as “significant diplomatic progress” and said it is a new request by the international community for the United Kingdom to “resume negotiations”.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry celebrated the “significant diplomatic progress” made when the European Union accepted a motion for the Argentine claim on the Malvinas, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It was during the joint statement of the Bi-regional Summit with countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) of 17 and 18 July.


Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero highlighted this “triumph of Argentine diplomacy” after the European bloc was for the first time willing to “take note” of Argentina’s uninterrupted claim after the territory was usurped in 1833. It took place during the third EU-CELAC Summit, and little over three years after the United Kingdom left the European bloc, in a process known as Brexit.


“This joint statement is a new call by the international community for the United Kingdom to abide by its obligation to resume negotiations on Argentine sovereignty", Santiago Cafiero pointed out. "After this declaration the Argentine government has hopes to have a more profound dialogue with the European Union on the Malvinas Issue”, he concluded.



This achievement, which will not be well received in London, has to do with the European bloc’s official acknowledgement of the “position” of Latin America and the Caribbean on the sovereignty over the South Atlantic islands, which stresses the importance of dialogue and respect for international law for a peaceful dispute resolution.


EU-CELAC joint statement


In their joint statement, the countries of the EU and CELAC reaffirmed their “commitment to respect for territorial integrity”, one of the arguments raised by Argentina in its dispute with the United Kingdom over the archipelago; and “dispute resolution by peaceful means”. They also proclaimed Latin America and the Caribbean as a “peaceful zone”.


“As for the question of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, the European Union took note of the CELAC’s historic position based on the importance of dialogue and respect for international law in peaceful dispute resolution”, reads the joint statement signed by representatives of both regions.


“We further reaffirm our fundamental commitment to all purposes and principles in the Charter of the United Nations, including sovereign equality of all States and respect for their territorial integrity, political Independence, dispute resolution by peaceful means, compliance with the principles of justice and international law”, it added.

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