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ARGENTINA | 08-05-2019 10:46

CFK's Book Fair appearance to feature major security operation

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner presents her memoirs at the 45th Buenos Aires Book Fair. The book dwells on her life and time in office as Argentina's first elected woman president.

For some time now, former president-cum-senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has only been seen in the halls of Congress or on the footsteps of the Comodoro Py courthouse, where she faces several investigations into alleged corruption during her time in office.

But tomorrow, the 66-year-old former head of state will present her recently released memoir Sinceramente ("Sincerely").

Fernández de Kirchner is due to speak at 8pm at the book's official release at the 45th Buenos Aires Book Fair. The event is invitation-only, with even members of the press excluded (except for those who receive an invite).

On Monday, representatives from her political party, Unidad Ciudadana, agreed to a major security operation with officials from the Buenos Aires City Security Ministry, City Police and Federal Police.

Her presence at the La Rural Fair Ground in Palermo is expected to draw huge crowds, though only 1,000 people can enter the Jorge Luis Borges showroom where the presentation will take place.

Authorities will install a screen inside the show grounds where those attendants refused entry to the salon can hear the former president's speech. A second screen will be located on Sarmiento Avenue, where most fans and followers of Fernández de Kirchner are expected to gather.

The event comes with several planned road blocks in the Palermo area.

Fernández de Kirchner will also receive special protection with the deployment of extra officers. The Book Fair itself is paying for private security services, Perfil reported.

Editorial Sudamericana's Sinceramente, written by Fernández de Kirchner about her life and time in office as Argentina's first elected woman president, hit book stores on April 26. It is already a best seller, according to book store estimates.

Its release caused trend on social media, with many allies of Fernández de Kirchner showing their eagerness to read the autobiography by posting pictures of themselves and the cover.


Readers have also been souring the newly released memoirs signs she’ll run again for the nation’s top job, but look set to be disappointed. The senator’s first-person take on her political career and life dwells more on the past than the future.

Though she finds plenty of room to lambast President Mauricio Macri, reminisce over her friendship with Hugo Chávez and celebrate her nationalisation of oil company YPF, she offers no clues as to her intentions for this year’s elections.


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