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ARGENTINA | 01-04-2019 10:11

'Grave and absurd': CFK attacks ruling telling Florencia to return from Cuba

Florencia Kirchner must return to Argentina from Cuba on Thursday April, 4, to stand trial for money-laundering. 

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said a court order "forcing" her sick daughter to return to Argentina is "very grave and absurd".

Florencia Kirchner must return to Argentina from Cuba on Thursday April, 4, to stand trial for money-laundering. She is currently in the Cuban capital, Havana, receiving medical treatment for several conditions, including post-traumatic stress.

"We lodged a complaint with the courts to request the very grave and absurd requirement that is forcing my daughter Florencia to interrupt her medical treatment in Cuba and return this Thursday to the country," Fernández de Kirchner wrote on Twitter.

"Florencia's health and the medical recommendation she has received to not travel have been duly certified in the summary of her medical records which the CIMEQ released and was ratified by the Forensic Medical Corp on the request of this very court," Senator Fernández de Kirchner charged.

"There is no procedural requirement for Florencia de be immediately present here, much less so if it means interrupting her treatment or exposing her to a journey which her doctors have insisted she should not make," she added.

The court in Argentina that will try the former "first daughter" for money-laundering tied to her parents' hotel business, Los Sauces, granted her a maximum 15-day stay overseas.

Her defence team has called for an extension to the visit to Cuba until "it is certain that her transfer by aeroplane to Argentina will not cause any risk to her health."

Cuban doctors diagnosed Florencia her with post-traumatic stress disorder and five other conditions, including lymphedema, according to medical reports her mother made public 10 days ago.

Fernández de Kirchner made a last-minute trip to Cuba in March.

Prior to her visit, she  posted a video on social media blaming Argentina's media and Judiciary for provoking 29-year-old Florencia's health problems.

The same day the former president returned to the country, she was indicted in Argentina on yet another corruption charge, this time over alleged irregularities during her time as president in the distribution of state subsidies on public transport.

Florencia's brother Máximo, a sitting congressman, is also suspected of involvement in the money-laundering ring.


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