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ARGENTINA | 29-06-2023 20:04

Cecilia Strzyzowski case: Lawyers say Sena family role is clear

Plaintiff lawyer Fabián Améndola, declares that the Sena family’s “responsibility” for the suspected killing of Cecilia Strzyzowski has been “established” and highlights the importance of forensic work on the mobile telephones of suspects.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the case investigating the alleged killing of Cecilia Strzyzowski in Chaco Province at the turn of the month say the “participation and responsibility” of the Sena family, the prime suspects, “has been established.”

Lawyers Fabián Améndola and Gustavo Briend sought to draw attention to the abundance of evidence against César and Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña ahead of a key court ruling.

Late Thursday prosecutors were poised to announce that the suspects would be remanded in custody under pre-trial detention. Améndola said that both the prosecutors and the plaintiffs "will continue working to find out if there were more people involved."

“The participation and responsibility of the three Senas is established. We understand them to be co-authors and hope that our interpretation is shared by the prosecution,” he remarked.

Prosecutors also agreed to change the charges against the four associates of the family who are now under arrest. In the eyes of the plaintiff there are three material authors of the crime and four more people guilty of covering it up.

The Sena clan has refused to testify over the suspected femicide. Early on Thursday the family was transferred to the prosecutor’s office where the charges and evidence against them were read out.

César Sena is under arrest on charges of premeditated femicide while Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña are accused of aggravated homicide.

One of the lawyers also pointed to the important evidence arising from the calls between the seven persons under arrest.

"They are all complicating each other as to the degree of their participation. We are convinced that there are three material authors of the crime and four people covering up. The evidence leads us to that conclusion,” in reference to the forensic work on the mobile telephones.

Finally, before entering the prosecutor’s office, Améndola detailed: “We believe that the homicide occurred between midnight and 1am at a time when there were only three people in the house.”

This hearing came after it was informed that the charges against the four family associates under arrest have been changed to aggravated coverup.

This quartet consists of Gustavo Obregón, Fabiana González, Gustavo Melgarejo and Griselda Reinoso, who were summoned to a hearing to have the charges against them read out. All of them had previously been considered to be co-authors of the murder. The new charges now see them facing between one and six years in prison, if found guilty.

Strzyzowski, 28, was last seen by her family on June 1 but security camera footage from the following day shows her entering the Sena family home. There are no images of her departing the property and investigators believed she was killed there.



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