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ARGENTINA | 17-04-2020 15:48

Cafiero: 'Starting Monday, activities will be resumed in some provinces'

Government will allow resumption of limited activities in select provinces without 'viral circulation' as from Monday, Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero confirms.

The government will start to allow the resumption of limited activities in select provinces as from Monday (April 20), Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero has confirmed.

The official said that the social, preventive and compulsory isolation order put in place by President Alberto Fernández would remain in place until Sunday, April 26, but that the Casa Rosada would start to loosen regulations in areas where there is "no viral circulation" of the novel coronavirus. 

"Starting Monday, activities will be resumed, in conjunction with the protocols defined by the Ministry of Health, in many Argentine provinces where there is no viral circulation, or where there are  no cases of coronavirus," said Cafiero.

Speaking on TV Publica on Friday, the national official said the government had produced a "smart map" with information on the number of cases and the epidemiological situation in each province.

"There are different realities and we are attending to them. There are areas that are very crowded, such as the Conurbano, which have a different complexity than more remote areas, even within the Province of Buenos Aires," said Cafiero.

He said the government would need to have "an intelligent look at sectors and activities that can be resumed" gradually amid the nationwide lockdown.

President Fernández has said previously that provincial governors could request permission to restart activity. Announcing the extension of the quarantine period last weekend, he said that Argentina would move towards the framework of an "administered quarantine."

As of Friday morning, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases had risen to 2,669, of which 122 have died. Of those infected 48.8 percent are women and 51.2 percent are men. Of those who were hospitalised with the infection, 666 had been discharged from clinics and hospitals.



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