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ARGENTINA | 13-04-2022 14:37

Bus-driver discovers dead passenger onboard after 15km journey

Shock for driver upon arrival at bus terminal as sleeping passenger turns out to have died during 15-kilometre journey to Liniers, on the edge of Buenos Aires.

A man in his 50s has been found dead on a bus in Buenos Aires after apparently passing away during a 15-kilometre journey to Liniers.

The incident took place last Tuesday, April 12, at around midday. According to company sources consulted by the Oeste Noticias news site, the passenger boarded the vehicle, bought a ticket and then sat in a seat at the back of bus 302 travelling the 66 route. 

According to reports, the fellow passengers travelling on the bus noticed the man but did not realise that he had stopped breathing, assuming instead that he had fallen asleep. 

Upon arrival at the Liniers bus terminal, on the edge of the capital, the driver of the bus attempted to wake the dead passenger, who by then had been on the vehicle for a journey of some 15 kilometres. 

Realising the man was unresponsive, the driver then contacted the authorities. The individual was then transferred to the Hospital Nacional Posadas in El Palomar, where doctors confirmed that he had died.

"At some point during the journey, he passed away. However, none of the passengers noticed this until the driver alerted them to what had happened," the company told the Noticias Argentinas news agency.

A judge in the city of Morón, Buenos Aires Province, is now investigating the situation.



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