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ARGENTINA | 05-09-2023 14:15

Patricia Bullrich suggests Juan Schiaretti should drop his presidential candidacy

Patricia Bullrich states that "it would be a good idea for Schiaretti not to be a candidate for president" and for his voters to "strategically" back her ticket instead.

Opposition Juntos por el Cambio presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich argues it would be “a good idea" for the Córdoba Province governor to withdraw his candidacy for the Casa Rosada and help her make the run-off.

“It wouldn't be bad if Schiaretti were to step down," the 67-year-old said in an interview with Córdoba radio station Pulxo 95.1FM.

Schiaretti, the governor of Córdoba Province, dissident Peronist and the leader of the ‘third-way’ Hacemos por Nuestra País coalition, took 3.71 percent of the vote in the August 13 PASO primaries. 

Bullrich, whose Juntos por el Cambio coalition took 28 percent in PASO cumulatively via two candidates, is looking to attract voters ahead of the October 22 election in order to make it to the run-off.

In her interview, Bullrich argued that the 565,000 votes cast by voters in Córdoba for Schiaretti should back her candidacy and stop rivals Sergio Massa and Javier Milei from winning the Presidency.

"I don't think it would be a bad thing if Schiaretti stopped being a candidate for president at this time and thought about another instance of his collaboration in the country," said Bullrich, a former security minister in the Mauricio Macri administration.

The presidential candidate said that the provincial elections in the region had been key in deciding who is running for the Casa Rosada.

“We don't have a problem with Schiaretti, nor insurmountable differences,” said Bullrich, who admitted “it wouldn't be bad if Schiaretti were to step down" to influence the "strategic vote" of people of Córdoba.

"People have to vote strategically,” she argued. “Who is going to represent the interests of Cordoba better? It is not against Schiaretti, it is in favour of where I place my vote at this moment.”



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