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ARGENTINA | 12-11-2018 17:32

Bullrich plays down chances of 'attack' during G20 summit

Security minister says there is 'no reason' to expect an attack in Buenos Aires, despite warnings issued by the British government to its citizens.

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich clarified today that there is no reason to think an "attack" may take place during the G20 Leaders Summit in Buenos Aires at the end of the month.

"There are no reasons for a change of status to the situation in Argentina, in relation to possible attacks," said Bullrich. 

The minister made the comments during talks with reporters after a Cabinet meeting in the capital. She was questioned about the issue in the wake of reports last week that British officials at the Foreign Office had altered a document containing travel advice for citizens visiting Argentina to include a line about the possibility of attacks in Buenos Aires, given the summit's high-profile nature.

Bullrich told reports she expected the advice "to change in the coming days."

"We have been preparing for more than a year," the minister continued, adding that their security plans had been formed after taking "advice from countries that have [hosted] G20 meetings." 

"We know that in the history of the G20 some have tried to generate situations of violence, and we will be prepared."

Questioned about the warning from London, Bullrich said "We do not agree with that in Argentina."


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