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ARGENTINA | 09-11-2018 13:50

Roger Waters honoured by City Legislature for humanitarian work

Pink Floyd rock star recognised for his support for efforts to identify Argentine fallen soldiers killed during the 1982 South Atlantic War who were buried in unmarked graves.

Roger Waters received a recognition from the Buenos Aires City Legislature on Thursday for his role in supporting efforts to identify fallen soldiers from the South Atlantic War, who were buried in unmarked graves on the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands.

At a ceremony in the capital attended by officials and family members of the fallen, the ex-Pink Floyd rock star was declared a Guest of Honour of the Buenos Aires City, in recognition of his campaigning work in support of the process. 

The honour came just days after Waters performed a solo concert before a sold-out crowd on Tuesday in La Plata, some 60km south of the capital, during which he paid tribute to the mothers of the slain soldiers and the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, who fought to uncover the fates of their children who were disappeared during the last military dictatorship (1976-1983) and bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice.

Thanks to the humanitarian efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Argentine and UK governments, a total of 102 soldiers from 122 unmarked graves on the disputed islands have been identified to date.

Waters, who pressed the Argentine and UK governments and their leaders to begin the operation, said he is aware of "the amount of work that has been done to raise the number of identified soldiers to 102,” out of a total of 122 listed as “not identified” (NN) at Darwin Cemetery on the disputed islands.

"We have to identify the other 20,” said Waters during the ceremony, in comments reported by AFP. "Not one more drop of blood should be spilled by any of our children for the imperial aspirations of European monarchies that fell a long time ago."


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