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ARGENTINA | 28-05-2020 00:31

Argentina's coronavirus death toll reaches 500

Over the last 24 hours, 10 new fatalities and 706 infections were registered in Argentina. Health Minister Ginés González García, leading fight against pandemic in country, spends night in hospital after experiencing numbness in left arm, but condition is not related to virus.

Ten new deaths from Covid-19 have been confirmed by officials in Argentina, lifting the country's death toll from the pandemic to 500.

The fatalities, six men and four women, were located in Buenos Aires City and the provinces of  Chaco, Córdoba and Buenos Aires, the Health Ministry said in a statement. Eight were recorded on Wednesday, with two passing overnight. The victims' ages ranged from 65 to 95. 

A total of 706 new infections were also confirmed, lifting the number recorded to date in Argentina to 13,933, officials said.

Of the total number of new cases confirmed this Wednesday, 361 are from Buenos Aires City, 315 from Buenos Aires Province, 16 from Chaco, two from Corrientes, two from Neuquén, eight from Río Negro, with single cases in San Juan and Tierra del Fuego.

Of all the cases registered to date, 961 (6.9 percent) are imported, 6,091 (43.7 percent) are from close contacts of confirmed cases, 4,694 (33.7 percent) are cases of community circulation and the rest are still yet to be classified.

Health minister spends night in hospital

Health Minister Ginés González García, who is leading the fight against the pandemic in Argentina, spent Wednesday night in hospital after presenting himself at the institution with a numbness in his left arm. 

The problem is not related to Covid-19, officials said, adding that González García did not have a temperature or fever.

In an interview with a local TV channel, hours after visiting the hospital, the minister said that he would be discharged "tomorrow morning" from the Otamendi City Hospital. 

"My left arm went to sleep," said the 74-year-old, who said he had undergone a battery of "cardiological, neurological and trauma" tests.

González García, who is himself a doctor, said that studies had indicated an "old subdural haematoma," but that he was "phenomenal" and  that he hoped to be back at the office tomorrow.



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