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ARGENTINA | 06-10-2021 14:12

Argentina to scrap Covid entry quotas for foreign arrivals on October 19

Argentina’s civil aviation agency announces that from October 19, Covid-19 limits on incoming passengers arriving from abroad by air will be scrapped.

Argentina’s civil aviation agency has confirmed that daily quotas on foreign arrivals by air will be scrapped, starting October 19.

In a statement, the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) said that all caps on passengers arriving to the country “by air” would be eliminated after Argentina “reached the threshold of 50 percent of the population vaccinated with the full vaccination schedule.”

"On October 19, 2021, all quotas on the number of passengers arriving in the country by air will be lifted," it confirmed in a post on Twitter.

At present, the quota on arrivals is 21,000 passengers per week, rising to 28,000 between October 11 and 19.

Citing a government decree, ANAC stated that "after fourteen (14) days" from the date on which Argentina "reaches a coverage of fifty percent (50 percent) of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, as announced by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, no quota of any kind will be applied."



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