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ARGENTINA | 04-06-2019 14:39

Alberto Fernández plays down trip to hospital for series of tests

Opposition leader, 60, says he has been coughing for two weeks but insists "there is no worrisome issue" in interview with C5N.

Presidential hopeful Alberto Fernández, the man chosen by former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to be Unidad Ciudadana's presidential candidate, has checked himself into a hospital to undergo tests for what he described as a persistent cough.

Fernández, 60, told the opposition C5N television channel Monday that his personal physician advised him to have a check-up before starting campaigning for October's election against President Mauricio Macri, who is seeking re-election.

Fernández says he has been coughing for two weeks but insists "there is no worrisome issue." He acknowledged that he had a clot on a lung a few years ago and denied luird allegations in some outlets that he was being treated for herpes.

"I have had a persistent cough for 15 days," he told journalist Marcelo Zlotogwiazda. "I spoke with my family doctor who is a medical director of the Otamendi [hospital], and he told me to go and do some studies," he added.

Fernandez anticipated that he would be in hospital for 48 hours, in order to undergo exhaustive tests.

"I'm facing a campaign and I think it's good to do it now," he said.

Fernández de Kirchner surprised Argentines in mid-May when she suddenly announced she would run for vice-president rather than the presidency. Alberto Fernández served as Cabinet chief for part of her time as president, as well as taking on the same role for Néstor Kirchner, Fernández de Kirchner's predecessor and late husband.


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