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Daniel Passerini wins Córdoba City vote in a blow to Juntos por el Cambio

The brand-new mayor of the city of Córdoba has had an intense running-in as a public official in different municipal and provincial positions to back him up.

The name Daniel Passerini took off politically on July 23rd after his victory as the new mayor of the City of Córdoba was confirmed, but he has had an intense running-in as a public official in different municipal and provincial positions to back him up.

Just after 9.30pm on Sunday, the Electoral Court started to upload official data. Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba won with 47.72 percent of the votes, while Juntos por el Cambio got 39.99 percent. El Frente de Izquierda came in third, with 2.89 percent of the votes. It was a huge setback for Juntos por el Cambio, where Radical Rodrigo De Loredo tried to nationalise the campaign, and counted with the physical presence of both Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich at his headquarters. The victor, Passerini, was projected to suffer a tough defeat, showing the resilience and power of the local governing party led by Governor Juan Schiaretti and his elected successor, Martín Llaryora.


Who is Passerini?

The current deputy mayor of the provincial capital was born on March 9th, 1965 in Cruz Alta, where he was the mayor between 1999 and 2005.

His first term of office in his hometown coincided with José Manuel de la Sota’s inauguration as governor, breaking the hegemony of the Radicals since the return to democracy.

A doctor by profession and a supporter of the Peronist party, he went into politics at an early age, and at 30 years old he was elected councillor of the city where he was born.


Daniel Passerini’s political career

In 2005, amid his second term in office as mayor of Cruz Alta, Passerini was called by De la Sota to head the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Solidaridad), a position he held until December 2007, when he became a provincial legislator after heading the list for the Marcos Juárez department.

He was then appointed head of the bloc of the Unión por Córdoba party, the De la Sota-supporting coalition including the Peronists of that province. Even though he was reelected in his seat, he gave up the Legislature in 2011, because he was once again called by De la Sota to head the Ministry of Social Development, where he stayed until late 2015.

With the arrival of Juan Schiaretti as Governor, he went back to the Provincial Legislature until in May 2019 he jointed Martín Llaryora in the ticket that would win the elections to the Córdoba mayoralty. Passerini thus presided over the Municipal Council of that city.

After four years waiting beside Llaryora (the Governor elect of the province less than a month ago), now, after defeating Rodrigo de Loredo in the election, he has to take one step further and take over the reins of the Córdoba capital, the biggest challenge so far in his political career.

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