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ARGENTINA | 16-08-2019 14:54

Six passengers taken to hospital after fire on Subte E line

Firefighters stated the fire was caused by electrical damage in the final car of a train. The Subte E line is used by 63,000 passengers per day and has the most complaints of all lines on the underground metro system.

Six passengers were sent to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation on Friday after a fire broke out in the San José station of the Subte E line in the capital. 

Alberto Crescenti, director of the City’s emergency medical service, told the TNnews channel   that 26 other passengers were treated by medical personnel in the street nearby. Crescenti said those sent to the hospital were only sent for “precautionary” reasons and maintained that all passengers and staff were now out of harm’s way. 

Metrovías stated that the Subte line, which connects the Retiro and Plaza de los Virreyes stations, had to be interrupted in its entirety after a train suffered “technical problems after leaving Independencia station before arriving to San José station.”

“The train had an electric problem which generated a little smoke. Staff proceeded according to protocol in these cases, evacuating all the passengers and alerting firefighters,” Metrovías said. 

Firefighters determined that the fire originated in the “last car of the train due to electrical damage.” 

The E line, which is used by 63,000 passengers every day, is the City Subte line with the most complaints, according to Perfil





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