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ARGENTINA | 15-08-2019 15:41

Demonstrators block traffic as they demand more support for poor

Protesters headed by the Polo Obrero and Barrios de Pie social organisations demonstrate in the capital, blocking traffic on Av. 9 de Julio.

Protesters headed by the Polo Obrero and Barrios de Pie social organisations demonstrated in the capital this morning, calling for action to help those living on the breadline.

A large column of protesters head toward 9 de Julio and Independencia avenues, marching to the Plaza de Mayo with "empty plates, cups and pots" to demand "urgent action" be taken to assist those living by poverty who are struggling in the wake of the economic crisis.

A separate protest group set up a soup kitchen at the Obelisk, in tandem with the demonstration.

The mobilisation sparked significant traffic disturbances in the area and tension with police officers. 

"The extraordinary jump of the [peso against the] dollar had an impact on food prices and from the [Health and Social Development] Ministry headed by Carolina Stanley they turn a deaf ear," said Silvia Saravia, the national coordinator of Barrios de Pie, in a statement.

Polo Obrero leader Eduardo "Chiquito" Belliboni called on protesters to "win the streets" and said he wanted Argentines to boost the minimum wage to a "salary equivalent to the [INDEC] family" abnd the "immediate doubling" of welfare payments "to recover losses of income over the last year." 


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