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ARGENTINA | 27-08-2019 09:27

2 weeks on from PASOs, Buenos Aires Province still counting votes

Votes are still being counted from the presidential and vice-presidential ballots in the nation's most-populous province.

More than two weeks after Argentina's PASO primary elections took place, the final voting tally for Buenos Aires Province has yet to be confirmed.

Electoral authorities in the country's most-populous province have not concluded the count for the president and vice-president tickets, in violation of terms laid down in the National Electoral Code that say a final count must be completed "no more than 10 calendar days" after an election takes place.

The PASOs, which were held on August 11, were ordered to undergo a recount by the National Electoral Authority on the Tuesday after voting. In adherence with federal regulations, the recount should have been completed last Friday. 

Buenos Aires Province, the only voting district in the country that remains unaccounted for, is home to 11,868,061 eligible voters. 

Excluding the province, Peronist presidential candidate Alberto Fernández collected 8.618 million votes in the election, while President Mauricio Macri garnered 5.745 million. The margin could still dramatically increase in Fernández's favour therefore, with the Peronist leader beating Macri by over two million votes in the province in initial voting results.

Electoral sources told the Noticias Argentinas news agency that they hope to finish the recount in the province this week. 






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