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ARGENTINA | 01-06-2020 15:07

14-year-old girl from Chaco becomes Argentina’s youngest Covid-19 victim

14-year-old girl from Chaco Province, who reportedly suffered from auto-immune disease, becomes Argentina's youngest victim yet from global pandemic.

The provincial Health Ministry in Chaco confirmed Sunday evening that a 14-year-old girl had died from the novel Covid-19 coronavirus, becoming in the process Argentina’s youngest victim of the pandemic.

According to reports in local outlets, the teenager suffered from an auto-immune disease, complicating her condition. She passed away on Sunday evening (May 31) at the Hospital Julio C. Perrando in the provincial capital of Resistencia

Chaco Día por Día reported that the young girl had been on an artificial respirator since her condition worsened. The website also said that prior to becoming infected, she had lupus, kidney failure and had recently undergone an operate for acute appendicitis. 

Chaco, in Argentina’s northeast, has the third highest number of confirmed infections in the country, only behind Buenos Aires City and Province. A total of 889 residents have tested positive for Covid-19 since the start of the outbreak, with at least 13 new cases confirmed on Sunday evening. To date, 53 individuals in the region have lost their lives to the virus.

In Argentina to date, there have been 16,851 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 541 fatalities. Of the infections, the Health Ministry believes 5.7 percent are imported from overseas, with 43.4 percent the result of those in close contact with confirmed cases. Some 35.5 percent are a result of community circulation, with the remainder still under investigation.

The previous youngest victim, prior to this latest fatality, was a 19-year-old man from José C. Paz, Greater Buenos Aires, who was HIV positive.



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