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Cricket Sin Fronteras goes on offensive against poverty and exclusion

Hurlingham Cricket Club hosted a workshop with local NGO Cricket sin Fronteras.

Saturday 2 March, 2019
Cricket Sin Fronteras.
Cricket Sin Fronteras. Foto:PHOTOS: ELLIE ARDEN

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Members of the Hurlingham Cricket Club this week hosted a workshop with local NGO Cricket sin Fronteras (CSF), a charity that uses sport to help improve the lives of hundreds of young people between the ages of 8 and 25 from shantytowns in and around the capital.

With the NGO celebrating its 10th birthday this year, CSF’s leaders have now launched a new project mentoring children who are leaving secondary school. Under the scheme, adults meet once a month with the youngsters to make plans about their future careers and to encourage them to continue studying.

Daniel Suárez, the charity’s coordinator, told the Times that “poverty is a state of mind.”

He added: “We want to change the mentality of these children... many of whom face social discrimination.”

The next item on the agenda for the group is a bid to raise enough money for a bus, so they can transport children around the city to play the sport.

To find out more – and how you can help – visit https://m.facebook.com/CricketSinFronteras/ 


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