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Youths try to trick their way into president's country home

The president and his family were at home at the time of the incident. 'Los Polvorines' is a private quinta which Macri often chooses as a place of relaxation over the Olivos Presidential Palace.

Monday 19 November, 2018
The president and his family were at home at the time of the incident.
The president and his family were at home at the time of the incident. Foto:CEDOC

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Four youths tried to trick their way into one of Mauricio Macri's private residence in Buenos Aires province on Sunday. 

The incident has added to concerns about security in the lead up to the G20 Leaders Summit, just days after a suspected group of anarchists tried to attack the home of a federal judge and denoted a bomb at the Recoleta cemetery.

Police arrested Maria Avalos, 22, Federica López Brown, 21, Federica Albizu, 22, and Mateo Passerieu, 22, at a fast food stop near Macri's 'Los Polvorines' estate in the Malvinas Argentinas district of Buenos Aires province. The youths were charged with trespassing and threatening behaviour.

The president and his family were at home at the time of the incident on Sunday, authorities confirmed. 'Los Polvorines' is a private villa which Macri often chooses over the Olivos Presidential Residence as a place of relaxation.

The three young women and man drove a black Volkswagen Gol through the entrance of the estate on Sunday. One of the young women then tried to trick security guards into letting the vehicle venture further into the perimeter of the property.

"Let me in, I'm the president's step-daughter," she told them.

To reach the entrance, they had driven the vehicle through an open gate at the property, taking photos and videos on their mobile phones, which police later seized.

"Macri, you cat, we're going to kill you," were some of the alleged threats they made.

A source from the Presidential Office told Perfil the young people "approached the entrance and when they were asked to provide documentation, they left."

The incident was "a joke" and "nothing to worry about," the source added.

Media reports suggest the four young people come from wealthy Buenos Aires families.




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