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Two arrested over violent break-in of Argentine chief rabbi's home

Argentina's chief rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was beaten and seriously injured by assailants who broke into his home in late February.

Sunday 17 March, 2019
Police a detain suspect.
Police a detain suspect. Foto:@NPOLICIALESBA

Two members of a violent kidnapping gang responsible for the attack on Argentina's chief rabbi Gabriel Davidovich were arrested Friday by police.

The identification of the men was made possible thanks to surveillance footage and the detection of finger prints on a windowsill in the rabbi's home, investigators reported.

Police also seized the vehicle used during the break-in and attack on February 25, a Honda CRV. Its licence plate was caught by security cameras. Another vehicle, a grey Volkswagen Gol, was identified with police believing a third vehicle, presumably an Audi A4, was also used. 

"There was a thorough review of security footage which led us to the men responsible for this cowardly attack. The raids also led us to the clothing they used on the day of the crime, some of the rabbi's stolen belongings, 200,000 pesos in cash, a large amount of jewels, a hat which is typically used in the Jewish faith, a 38 caliber revolver and drugs," Justice and Security Secretary Marcelo D'Alessandro told Infobae.

"We know you are AMIA's rabbi," the robbers told Davidovich, who was left hospitalised with nine broken ribs as a result of the attack.

The incident raised international concern, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning it was part of an anti-Semitic wave of incidents across the world.

"We must not let anti-Semitism rear its head. I strongly condemn the recent acts of anti-Semitism and call on the international community to take action against it," Netanyahu said.

AMIA said the attack was "cause for alarm" in a statement.

It came just days after tombs at a Jewish cemetery were vandalised in San Luis province.

Argentina has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world, around 300,000 people. 



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