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Public radio boss quits as workers walk off the job over wage stagnation

Ana Gerschenson quits top radio gig citing disagreement with national government over collective wage bargaining.

Friday 21 December, 2018
Former Radio Nacional chief Ana Gerschenson.
Former Radio Nacional chief Ana Gerschenson. Foto:@anaGerschenson

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The director of Argentina's public radio quit Thursday because of a disagreement with the national government's decision to prohibit collective wage bargaining.

Ana Gerschenson will leave her role as the director of Radio Nacional, she confirmed in a letter to Federal Media Systems boss Hernán Lombardi.

"With a bitter taste about what was unable to be achieved, I express my desire to step to the side from the radio. I cannot accompany the decision to not authorise collective wage bargaining in a year as difficult as this one", she wrote.

The station's workers walked off the job Friday to protest the national broadcast authority Radio y Televisión Argentina (RTA)'s refusal to offer "a concrete salary proposal that puts an end to its unfortunate 'no wage bargaining' position", workers said in a joint statement.

Gerschenson's decision comes just weeks after Public Media Secretary Jorge Sigal quit as Lombardi's number two, reportedly due to health problems.

In her letter, she "thanked" President Mauricio Macri for "allowing us to work with total freedom, pluralism and respect in these three years of management".

Gerschenson was appointed head of Public Radio in February 2016, replacing María Seoane. Her management was widely criticised for draining the station of audience.

Argentina's public media are currently in a constant state of conflict with the national government over layoffs, wage stagnation and what workers perceive as authorities' disinterest in supporting public journalism.

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