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Major speakers arrive in BA for machine learning event

The 30th Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS) will run from Monday 18 through to June 30 at Torcuato Di Tella University.

Monday 18 June, 2018
Specialists Emmanuel Candes (left) and David Blei (right).
Specialists Emmanuel Candes (left) and David Blei (right). Foto:University of Michigan (R), University of Edinburgh (L)

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Some of the world’s top machine learning specialists are in Buenos Aires from today for a two-week “summer” school aimed at expanding knowledge and awareness about new methods and algorithms in machine learning, data analysis and inference.

Among the slate of speakers scheduled to address the 30th Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS) — which will run from Monday 18 through to June 30 at Torcuato Di Tella University —  are Emmanuel J. Candès (Stanford) and David Blei (Columbia), two of the biggest names in the field.

“We hope that the course will function as a nexus between industry and academia and at the same time train the next generation of professionals in advanced mathematics”, said Mariano Gabitto, a Simons Foundation scholar and one of the organisers of this edition of the MLSS.

“Candès’ work has allowed us to discover algorithms to reconstruct images in cases where data are missing. Let’s suppose we need to take a medical image in high resolution. If we can obtain an image in some spacial locations and infer the missing data we can acquire images in a fraction of the original time without jeopardising resolution”, Gabitto told Canal-Ar.

“This simple idea has had repercussions in diverse fields from medicine to molecular biology”, he added.

Other major speakers are: Sergey Levine (University of California Berkeley), Elad Hazan (Princeton), Tamara Broderick (MIT), Finale Doshi-Velez (Harvard), Marco Cuturi (Université Paris-Saclay), Frank Wood (Oxford), Neil Lawrence (Amazon), David Warde-Farley, David Pfau (DeepMind), Ryan Adams (Google Brain/Princeton), Hugo Larrochelle, Martin Abadi and Derek Murray (Google Brain).

Science Minister Lino Barañao will also participate in the MLSS.




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