Friday, June 2, 2023

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With Brazil’s backing, Argentina wins acceptance to BRICs bank

Yesterdat 19:01 Máximo Kirchner harshly criticised the "brutal indebtedness of (Mauricio) Macri's government", because he considered that "it once again generated a great deal of external conditioning". "We fully share the concept of "community with a shared destiny" when it comes to intervening in international politics and international organisations, since no one is saved alone in a world in crisis, but there must be autonomy to find the way forward. That is why China's role in financial organisations such as the IMF is very important at this time, so that there is flexibility and so that the same recipes are not imposed in different situations," he said. Máximo Kirchner called for "transferring the concept of cooperation without conditionalities, which is typical of China's foreign policy, to financial organisations such as the IMF", and said that "Latin America is a region which, for some powers, is a territory in dispute over its natural resources". "However, the people who live there do not want to be oppressed by any power," he said. "Each country must build its own path of development, which must necessarily be with equal opportunities, with inclusion. For this we also need to deepen scientific and cultural links, based on the contribution of the social sciences, so that we can understand our reality in order to transform it," he said. Kirchner was joined by national deputies Tania Bertoldi, Diego Sartori and Paula Penacca; Rodrigo Rodríguez, an authority of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation; the director of the Presidency, Camilo Vaca Narvaja; and officials from the Argentine embassy in China.