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WORLD | 20-03-2018 15:46

Jailed Catalan separatist to drop presidency bid

He is the second leader of the Spanish region who participated in independence efforts to drop a bid for the presidency.

Lawyers for Catalan separatist Jordi Sánchez say the jailed activist is ready to give up his seat in Catalonia's parliament, which would effectively end his bid to become the region's next leader. He is currently the president of the pro-indepedence Catalan National Assembly.

The law firm defending Sánchez said the offer was made because of difficulties in carrying out his duties as a lawmaker and being blocked by Spain's top court from attending a parliamentary vote to be elected Catalonia's president.

Separatist parties had turned to Sánchez after dropping their bid to re-elect fugitive Catalan ex-president Carles Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium in October.

Sánchez appeared Tuesday before a Supreme Court judge who is investigating him and dozens of others for holding a banned referendum on seceding from Spain and using its results to unsuccessfully declare independence.


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