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Indonesian Embassy in Argentina celebrates independence day

Ambassador Niniek Kun Naryatie hosts traditional dance performance to commemorate the nation’s 77th anniversary.

Envoys from around the world were joined by local cultural representatives Thursday night at the Teatro del Globo to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. 

The two-hour event featured a wide range of traditional Indonesian performances, including the colourful, highly choreographed Saman and Jaipong dances, as well as orchestral music sequences like the Javanese Gamelan and Angklung — the latter of which UNESCO has officially classified as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity especially worthy of safeguarding. 

“Through culture, we can reach out; we can work together; we can cooperate in this very difficult time that is being experienced all over the world,” Ambassador Niniek Kun Naryatie told the Times. “Culture is a common language; it’s something that everyone understands. And so it’s our responsibility to conserve and promote this common language. That’s why we’re here tonight.”

Both countries are developing economies with a number of shared challenges and priorities — the particulars of which will likely be discussed at the upcoming G20 Summit in the Indonesian province of Bali.

“Argentina and Indonesia are two emerging countries,” the ambassador added. “It’s our responsibility to show the world that we can achieve together if we look beyond our self-interests.”

The two middle powers have maintained formal diplomatic relations since 1956, a year before Indonesia’s Embassy was officially opened in Buenos Aires. Indonesia is currently Argentina’s fourth largest Asian export market, with soybeans comprising the bulk of trade.

Sam Forster

Sam Forster


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