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SPORTS | 06-02-2021 09:25

Leaked messages reignite controversy over Maradona’s death

Scandalous new details of Diego Maradona’s final days emerged this week, as rows and allegations continue to swirl over the late footballing legend’s death.

Leaked WhatsApp audio messages from members of Maradona’s inner circle, staff and medical team made headlines this week, with news channels regularly replaying them and debating their content.

One message in particular, said to have been sent by Maradona’s personal physician Leopoldo Luque, suggested that the footballer, who was recovering from a serious injury and substance abuse problems, had been given alcohol and marijuana by a member of his medical team identified as ‘Charly.’

In one message, leaked to the Infobae news site, a man believed to be Luque says that "they told me that Charly had arranged to have a woman over during the night, so to get Diego out of the way he gave him beer and weed." It continues: "It really did him in. I can't bear how Charly gives Diego marijuana; I don't know how to stop him."

Another voice note indicated that Maradona was a regular consumer of marijuana, with observers suggesting there were signs of consumption around his home.

An investigation into the late footballer’s death will enter a new stage next week, with members of Maradona’s family eager for answers.

Prosecutors in San Isidro want to speak with Maradona’s psychiatrist, Agustina Cosachov, and personal cook, Romina Milagros Rodriguez, in order to establish facts concerning allegations that drug use in the house was common.

Two of the late footballer’s daughters, Dalma and Giannina, as well as Maradona’s former partner, Verónica Ojeda, have requested the two individuals come forward to testify. 

The trio have regularly expressed concerns over the behaviour of Luque and their father’s lawyer, Matías Morla, saying they hold the duo responsible for his death.

Cosachov, who exchanged the leaked messages with Luque, is also facing problems. She was indicted by prosecutors earlier this week on allegations that she filed false reports about the footballer’s mental health. Those probing in the case are said to have evidence that she submitted reports about his state of mind without actually visiting him beforehand.

Maradona died aged 60 on November 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home in Tigre, where he had been recovering from brain surgery.

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