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Carlos Tevez resigns as head coach of Rosario Central

Ex-Argentina and Boca star Carlos Tevez says he will step down as head coach of Rosario Central after just five months in charge.

Carlos Tevez announced Thursday that he was stepping down as coach of Rosario Central after completing his first season in charge of a club in Argentina's top flight.

After only five months in charge and an up-and-down campaign, the 36-year-old – who enjoyed a successful career in Europe's top leagues as a player – announced that he had decided to walk away from the role.

"The best thing I can do is to step aside. It seems to me the most convenient thing to do," he declared.

Tevez linked his departure to the club's upcoming elections on December 18, which will decide the Rosario side's next set of directors.

"If the elections are in December, I can't get involved in putting together a new team, because if the opposition wins, I can't get in the way of the new transfer market," said the ex-Argentina international. "It puts us all in the middle. If they throw (pass) the elections to next year, we are left with angry people, not being able to vote [who] going to the stadium to insult us," said Tevez.

"I don't want to be an obstacle for Central," said the ex-Boca star, who underlined that he has no historical ties to the club pre-dating his time as head coach.

"It makes it very difficult. The elections should have been held a month ago and they were moved to December. The most convenient thing for me is to step aside. Thank you for supporting me [during] these months," he added. 

Tevez, known as the 'Apache,' ends his first spell in charge of a club side with a record of six wins, 11 draws and seven defeats in 24 games. Rosario Central finished 20th in the 28-team top flight.

A Boca legend, Tevez enjoyed an outstanding career as a player, winning honours with the Xeneize, Corinthians, Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus.

His achievements include Copa Libertadores and Copa Intercontinental titles with Boca (2003), an Olympic gold medal from representing Argentina at the Athens Games in 2004, and the Champions League and Club World Cup trophies, won with Manchester United in 2008.



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