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SPORTS | 30-06-2020 00:05

Carlos Bilardo does not have Covid-19 and was misdiagnosed, says brother

Argentina's 1986 World Cup winning coach was diagnosed with Covid-19 by mistake, his brother has revealed.

Argentina's 1986 World Cup winning coach Carlos Bilardo was diagnosed with Covid-19 by mistake, his brother has revealed.

"My brother has nothing, the very famous lab was wrong, it's to kill them, almost certainly he's going back to the same place," Jorge Bilardo wrote on Twitter.

The 82-year-old had been hospitalised Saturday after testing positive for the coronavirus the day before, despite being asymptomatic.

Bilardo suffers from a brain disorder and lives in a nursing home where 10 other occupants have tested positive for Covid-19.

According to his brother, once he is discharged, he will likely return to the same facility, in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Almagro.

Bilardo was hospitalised earlier Sunday at the private Argentina Institute of Diagnosis, which did not release a report on his health status.

He had already undergone a Covid-19 test a few weeks ago that came back negative.

Bilardo was admitted to intensive care in July 2019 with Hakim-Adams syndrome.

He managed the national side from 1982 to 1990, winning the World Cup in Mexico with Diego Maradona and then guiding the defending champions to the 1990 final in Italy. He is also a doctor.

Nursing homes have been major hotspots for contagion since the start of the pandemic. Argentina has so far recorded 1,233 deaths out of 59,920 cases of infection. 

More than 90 percent of the infections are clustered in and around the capital city.

President Alberto Fernández announced on Friday a toughening of lockdown measures in the capital and its surrounding area with cases on the rise.


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