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SPORTS | 29-01-2018 12:27

Stadium evacuation as bomb threat delays Huracán-River Plate match

Less than an hour before the scheduled kick-off time, police moved all spectators outside the structure. A federal police bomb squad inspected the stadium and determined the threat was not real.

A bomb threat caused police and stadium officials to temporarily remove all fans and personnel from Huracán's stadium ahead of its Sunday night clash with River Plate.

A bomb squad from the federal police eventually cleared the stadium, the fans and clubs re-entered, and the game kicked off with a 75-minute delay.

"Because of a bomb threat, the Security Committee has ordered a precautionary evacuation of the Huracán stadium." the official River Plate Twitter account said at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Neither team had entered the stadium when the bomb threat was announced. Both team buses idled a few blocks away from the stadium, and the team of referees sheltered in a police squad car. Crowds of fans milled about in the street, awaiting the all-clear.

The threat originated with three 911 calls coming from somewhere in Buenos Aires Province, according to Clarín.

Huracán defeated River Plate, 1-0.

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