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LATIN AMERICA | 09-12-2019 14:56

Cuban leader Díaz-Canel arrives in Argentina for Fernández's inauguration

The first international leader to arrive in Buenos Aires for Tuesday's ceremonies is Miguel Díaz-Canel. Others will soon follow.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel arrived to Buenos Aires Sunday, making him the first head of state here for Alberto Fernández's inauguration. 

After his arrival, Díaz-Canel laid a wreath at the monument to General San José de San Martín, in Plaza San Martín, a traditional ceremony for visiting diplomats. 

The Cuban leader later met with a group of business leaders and intellectuals to discuss strengthening commercial and cultural ties between the two nations.

"I want to express that Argentina is for us an endearing country, a beloved country and we hope that Argentine and Cuban entrepreneurs can strengthen their relationship," said the Cuban president, in comments reported by Telesur.

"Cultural relations between Cuba and Argentina have their origin in the deep vision that broke through in both societies about the liberating role of culture, thought and ideas," he added..

Other foreign dignitaries will soon follow the Cuba leader to Buenos Aires, including Sebastián Piñera of Chile. It will be the Chilean leader's first foreign trip he's made during the social unrest that began in his country in mid-October. 

Fernández and his team also invited Mario Abdo Benítez of Paraguay and Uruguayan leader Tabaré Vázquez and his newly elected successor Luis Lacalle Pou. 

As of now, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil won't attend, though unconfirmed reports in Brazil at press time said General Hamilton Mourão, the nation's vice-president will attend. Otherwise the highest-ranking Brazilian official will be the country's Ambassador to Buenos Aires Sérgio Danese. 

Fernández said last week "all presidents are inviting to my inauguration, from Bolsonaro to [Nicolás] Maduro."

He also mentioned that former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvia who was recently released from prison preferred to visit the country after the his inauguration. 






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