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LATIN AMERICA | 17-06-2020 15:30

Chile police sue feminist group Las Tesis alleging incitement of violence

The Chilean police are suing the prominent feminist group alleging that they incited violence against officers.

Chilean police are suing a prominent feminist group alleging that they incited violence against officers, local media reported.

Las Tesis became well-known after their song, "The Rapist is You!," became a global anthem last year for groups fighting violence against women.

In an eight-minute video filmed last May four members of the group, dressed in red jumpsuits with a Chilean flag, appear outside a police station in the central port city of Valparaíso while a female voice reads a text condemning police officers.

"Fire to the pacos [police]", is heard in part of the video posted online.

Officers say that the phrase "fire to the pacos" is "unambiguous in constituting a direct and public incitement to act violently against the members of the Carabineros de Chile", said the complaint released by the Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

Despite Las Tesis removing that section of the clip, the police filed a lawsuit against the group last Friday, alleging they had issued threats against officers.

In the video, Las Tesis also launches strong criticism of the government, rejects machismo and expresses support for people in coronavirus quarantine, as well as the doctors caring for them.

Police sued the famous Chilean singer Mon Laferte in December for insinuating that uniformed men burned Santiago metro stations where the protests began on October 18.



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