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ECONOMY | 16-05-2020 09:43

State to pay half of private-sector wages in June

Government to pay half the wages of almost two million private-sector workers, as it did in April.

The state will continue paying half of private-sector wages this month, Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero confirmed this week. Or – to express it in its full bureaucratic jargon – the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee has recommended extending the Complementary Salary benefits of the Labour and Production Assistance programme (ATP, in its Spanish acronym) as a consequence of prolonging quarantine, as published by administrative resolution 747/2020 in the Official Gazette. 

Employers receiving this aid are also to be given the choice between lowering their social security contributions by 95 percent or postponing them for two months, officials said Tuesday.

The state will thus be paying half the wages of almost two million private-sector workers, as it did in April. 

According to AFIP tax bureau data, the national government has already disbursed some 27 billion pesos this month to finance part of the wages of over 1.3 million employees of companies affected by the quarantine and acceding to the ATP benefit, which cannot be less than a single minimum wage (16,875 pesos) nor more than a double minimum wage (33,750 pesos). 

The Committee also considered that the private health sector be granted access to this benefit but recommended that the Health Ministry determine which companies, in accordance with the level of invoicing and the percentages of Covid-19 infection among their staff or in their geographical zone. 

The Transport Ministry further proposed extending ATP to passenger transport companies while the Education Ministry recommended the inclusion of all schools not receiving state subsidies. 



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