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Mercado Libre tops list as LinkedIn selects best 25 firms to work for in Argentina

According to the ranking prepared by LinkedIn, the top 25 companies to progress your professional career include Mercado Libre, JP Morgan, Chase & Co and Dow.

At a time in which the country's working environment is complicated, and with continuing reports of talent deciding to leave the nation to seek new opportunities, a new survey has underlined the employers in Argentina that are contributing to the evolution of their workers.  

For a second year, business and employment platform LinkedIn has produced a national ranking of its 25 “Top Companies 2023,” employers where it is possible to work and advance one’s personal career. The list is compiled on the portal’s exclusive data, with a focus on assessing the different aspects of professional development.

According to the parameters evaluated, several companies in Argentina made its global list, such as Mercado Libre, JP Morgan, Chase & Co. and Dow, precisely because they are companies that help their employees to prepare themselves to succeed in the future.

Specialist projections indicate that the job market will continue to be turbulent this year, with artificial intelligence coming on the scene and advancing the trend that continues to rise: the "silent resignation" phenomenon, whereby workers do only the necessary to get by in their jobs.

LinkedIn observed that while there has been some level of growth in formal employment in Argentina, it is also true that the economic slowdown and potential waves of lay-offs continue to lurk. It is precisely this that motivates many professionals to prepare for the next step in their careers and, on the other hand, drives many companies to rethink how they manage to attract, retain and enable development for their employees, the firm added.

The survey acts as a thermometer and objective reference to know the 25 best companies in Argentina where you can advance professionally. It was carried out using a methodology that analyses various factors and was based on eight pillars that have been shown to favour professional growth. 

Specifically, this includes tracking how employees are promoted within a company and when they move to a new company, as well as analyses of how employees within a company acquire new skills while working there.

It studies the level of employee turnover in the last year, looks at external opportunities and demand for the company's employees from others, measures gender parity in a company and its subsidiaries and factors in the educational level of employees and examines the number of the company's employees in the country relative to others.

To be considered, firms had to have at least 500 employees as of December 31, 3033. Companies that saw more than 10 percent of their staff laid off or had a turnover rate of more than 10 percent were also excluded.

In revealing the ranking, LinkedIn News Editor Karla Calderón, said the list can be a useful tool for employees looking to boost their career path or search for a new job.

Argentina’s market leader, in this respect, is Mercado Libre. The firm, founded by Marcos Galperín, is the parent company of Mercado Pago, among others, is the leader in e-commerce and fintech across the region. With more than 96 million people accessing the platform every month, it is the most visited retail site in Latin America and the eighth most visited in the world.

Mercado Libre is set to dodge the wave of industry lay-offs and hire more than 13,000 people across the region, expanding its staffing levels to upwards of 50,000.


The list of Argentina’s ‘Top 25 Companies 2023’:

  1. Mercado Libre (e-commerce and fintech) 

  2. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (financial services)

  3. Dow (chemical manufacturing)

  4. ExxonMobil (oil and gas)

  5. Telecom Argentina (telecommunications)

  6. SAP (software development)

  7.  Fiserv (IT services and consulting)

  8. Citi (financial services)

  9. Flybondi (aeronautics and aviation)

  10. YPF (oil and gas)

  11. BAT (tobacco manufacturing)

  12.  PedidosYa (Delivery Hero) (technology, information and Internet)

  13. Globant (IT services and consulting)

  14. CCU (food and beverages)

  15. BBVA (banking)

  16. Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (banking)

  17. OSDE Group (hospitals and healthcare)

  18. Techint Group (industrial machinery manufacturing)

  19. The Walt Disney Company (entertainment provider)

  20. Banco Macro (banking)

  21. Philip Morris International (tobacco manufacturing)

  22. AB InBev (beer manufacturing)

  23. Louis Dreyfus Company (food and beverages)

  24. PepsiCo (food and beverages)

  25. Kyndryl (IT services and consultancy).

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