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ECONOMY | 31-07-2019 10:10

Macri to sign decree upgrading Agroindustry Secretariat back to ministry

Decision, trailed in this morning's newspapers, is expected to take place before Saturday.

President Mauricio Macri will sign a decree in the following days that will restore the current Agroindustry Secretariat to a full-blown Ministry, reports suggested this morning.

The move, trailed by government-friendly newspapers La Nación and Clarín this morning, is expected to take place before Saturday, when President Mauricio Macri is due to attend the Sociedad Rural exhibition in Palermo.

According to reports, Secretary Luis Miguel Etchevehere will be re-appointed minister. Currently, Etchevehere's brief falls under the command of the Production and Labour Ministry headed by Dante Sica.

The Agroindustry Ministry was downgraded back in September 2018, when President Macri eliminated several ministries as part of an austerity drive. It is not anticipated that any other secretariat will be upgraded as part of this latest step.

'Good news'

Agroindustry Minister for Buenos Aires Province, Leonardo Sarquís, hailed the news as "good news" for the government and the sector.

"It would be good news for the sector. It would ratify the importance that agribusiness has," said the provincial official, 

He added that in his opinion, "there has been an opening of external markets for Argentina that makes such decisions worthwhile." 



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