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ECONOMY | 03-07-2021 13:35

INDEC: Women in Argentina earned 25% less than men over past year

Not only did women earn less but there were less women earning, while male employment remained stable.

Women earned 25 percent less than men during the past year in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, according to official data.

The figures, which correspond to measurements from the INDEC national statistics bureau, also point to women at home also being burdened with child care.

Even if the entire population has lost income to inflation, the situation has been far more damaging for women, said the bureau.

According to the its report, males averaged a monthly income of 48,570 pesos during the first quarter of the year (up 32.3 percent from 36,695 pesos in the first three months of 2020) as against only 36,123 pesos for women (up 27.7 percent from 28,279 pesos in the first quarter of last year) – a gap of 25 percent. 

Both genders thus lost ground against an inflation rate of almost 50 percent, but women suffered more, said INDEC.

Not only did women earn less but there were less women earning – down by 800,000 or 6.2 percent – while male employment remained stable.

Among the 30 percent lowest incomes, women earn more than men on average while the ratio is reversed among the highest sectors.

According to last February’s data, of the 2,495,632 parents collecting AUH child benefits, 2,334,540 were women and 161,092 men.

According to the latest INDEC figures, unemployment dropped to 10.2 percent in the first quarter from 10.4 percent in the first three months of 2020 and the 11 percent at which last year closed.


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