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ECONOMY | 23-08-2019 07:00

INDEC data indicates tourism grew in June

Overnight stays in hotels up 13.1% year-on-year, with most visiting Buenos Aires City, the Litoral and Patagonia.

Overnight stays in hotels in Argentina rose 13.1 percent in June compared to the same period a year pervious, the INDEC national statistics bureau revealed Thursday, pushing the figure up to near three million registrations.

Official data showed hotel capacity was up 10.7 percent in the same month, a consequence of a 21.3-percent rise in travellers from abroad and an 11-percent improvement in domestic travellers.

The number of domestic travellers as a whole rose 7.9 percent year-on-year in June, with non-residents up 22.6 percent, illustrating a sharp rise in overseas travellers. According to INDEC's data, 78.7 percent of all travellers were residents in the country, with the rest coming from abroad.

Buenos Aires City, the Litoral and Patagonia registered the highest numbers of travellers, with the average stay at 2.2 nights.

According to landing cards filled out by passengers, tourism came mainly from Mercosur nations (43.2 percent, with the 'Rest of America' trailing in second (27.3 percent) and Europe in third (14.2 percent.) 


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