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Buenos Aires City food basket increased 6.62% in July, up 72.34% so far this year

According to the data gathered by Consumidores Libres, the 21 products in the basic food basket monitored by the entity had a 6.6% rise during the seventh month of the year.

A specialist group says that the price of the basic food basket in Buenos Aires City increased 6.62 percent in July.

The Cooperative Consumidores Libres informed that the price of the 21 products used to measure rising costs and inflation has risen 72.34 percent since the turn of the year. 

Out of the nine products comprising food cupboard items recorded by the entity, rice had the biggest rise of 4.88 percent, followed by sugar at four percent.

The nine products include Cocinero sunflower oil, 1 litre and a half bottle; one kilo of long-grained rice; one kilo of Ledesma sugar; stew pasta (500 grammes); wheat flour (1 kg); one dozen brown eggs; fresh bread (1 kg); one litre of fortified milk; and one kilo of Taragüi mate. 

In turn, the fruit and vegetables sector had a weighted increase of 1.49 percent, and even though there were products with price drops of more than three percent, such as aubergines and plum tomatoes. In contrast, some product prices increased by 10 percent, such as red apples, going from 860 pesos to 950 pesos.

As for the four cuts of meat monitored from the cooperative (round steak, sirloin strip, shoulder and common mince), the greatest increase was of mince, rising from 1,580 pesos to 1,630 pesos.

Considering all the data recorded by Consumidores Libres, the expense of this “basic basket of 21 products” today amounts to 21,210 pesos as against 20,690 pesos the previous month, it said in a report.


City inflation

Nationwide inflation slowed down by 6 percent in June, but in Buenos Aires City it was reported as 7.1 percent, according to official data. Nevertheless, the figure was a slowdown from the previous month, which had been 7.5 percent.

The sectors with the most increases in June were “Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels”, “Food and non-alcoholic beverages”, “Restaurants and hotels”, “Healthcare and Transport”, which in all explained the overall price hikes.

The inflation figure for July in the City of Buenos Aires will next be released on Monday, August 7. 



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