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ECONOMY | 15-03-2019 15:45

Higher fares for buses and trains go into effect

The government implemented another increase in fares for buses and trains, with further plans to increase SUBE ticket prices over the coming months

As part of the government's push to adjust public transportation costs, rates for bus and train services in and around the capital will increase, starting Friday, March 15.

The minimum bus ticket will increase in cost from 16.50 to 18 pesos. As for overground trains, price difference will vary according to the different lines. A minimum ticket for the Mitre, Sarmiento and San Martín lines will cost 12.25 pesos, with the maximum fare 18.50 pesos. For those users with the social tariff, tickets will cost 5.51 pesos and 8.33 pesos, respectively.

Tickets for the Roca and Belgrano South lines will be increased by 75 centavos, bringing the minimum cost up to 7.75 pesos, or 3.49 pesos with the social tariff. The longest journey will cost 12.25 pesos, or 5.51 pesos discounted. The cheapest ticket on the Urquiza Line will cost 8 pesos, or 3.60 pesos with the social fare, while the most extensive costing 13.25 pesos, or 5.96 pesos with the social tariff. On the Belgrano North Line, a minimum ticket will cost 6.75 pesos, 3.04 pesos with the social rate, while the longer routes will cost 15.50 pesos, or 6.98 pesos with the social rate.

The policies surrounding consecutive trips will remain unchanged. A second trip, if it takes place within two hours of the first, costs half as much as the first. For the third, fourth and fifth trips, the cost is 75 percent less than the original. The social rate will also remain unchanged, maintaining a 55 percent discount.


An even greater increase in Subte ticket prices has also been laid out, set to kick in over stages in the next couple of months. The subway ticket will go up to 19 pesos in April and 21 pesos in May, according to the new rate schedule proposed at the public hearing held last week.

The ticket increased from 15.50 pesos to 16.50 pesos last February, while the new adjustments will mean a jump in price of 27.2 percent over the course of the two installments.

With these increases, the cost of a Subte trip will have increased by 35.4 percent in the first five months of the year.

Last week's meeting took place amid criticism from consumers and the opposition, which added to the complaints expressed by users at the stations in the city.

When participating in the hearing, the president of the Civic Unit in the City Legislature, Mariano Recalde, rejected the new increase and argued that "it is another brutal rate that has no kind of justification."

“[The increase] is unpayable and has direct consequences for a population that today is having a very bad time,” said Recalde.

For its part, the company said that the price upgrade is necessary "to compensate for the increase in operating costs,” adding that it must be applied "to keep the transport system sustainable.”


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