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ECONOMY | 22-04-2021 23:35

Government extends ban on lay-offs until May 31

Alberto Fernández administration extends its ban on job dismissals until May 31, except in the construction industry.

The government decided on Wednesday to extend until May 31 its ban on job dismissals, except in the construction industry, within the framework of the emergency dictated by the coronavirus pandemic with the corresponding decree duly being published the next day in the Official Gazette

However, the ban will not apply to any jobs created since the ban was first decreed at the outset of the Frente de Todos administration. 

The decree also proposes to help out employers in the emergency by postponing or reducing their taxes and social security contributions.

Argentina has banned companies from firing workers since March, a prohibition no other major country has maintained for so long, and recently extended the measure into 2021. It’s also requiring companies to pay double the ordinary amount of severance if a worker is fired “without just cause,” according to a government decree.


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