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ECONOMY | 09-10-2018 22:44

Gas prices: 75% in BA say ‘too high or unpayable’

As consumers and opposition political parties rally against new gas price increases, the mood in Buenos Aires surrounding the cost of living is worsening.

Seventy-five percent of residents in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires consider gas prices “too high or unpayable”, a survey has found.

Among them are 38 percent of residents who say they cannot afford to pay their gas bills, up from 33 percent three months ago and 22 percent six months ago, the Metropolitan Studies Centre (CEM) reported Tuesday in its Social Climate Monitoring report, which surveys Buenos Aires City as well as the south, west and north of Greater Buenos Aires.

The area with greatest difficulties according to the study are the southern areas of Buenos Aires, where 83 percent of respondents described gas prices as “too high or unpayable”.

Only 25 percent of respondents said gas was cheap or correctly priced.

When it came to electricity bills, 36 percent of respondents affirmed that theirs were “unpayable”, up from 27 percent six months ago, CEM reported. Again residents in the southern areas of Buenos Aires reported greater troubles paying their bills, with 44 percent describing electricity bills as “unpayable”.

The negative consideration of “water [prices] remains stable, but regarding electricity [prices] and gas [prices] it surpassed 70 percent in June and today it is stable at 73 and 75 percent, respectively”, CEM reported.

The entity warned that “the sharper change tendency is found in Buenos Aires City, which despite not having the worst perception [of prices] is where utility bills have most increased”.

-NA, translated by TIMES

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