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ECONOMY | 26-12-2017 12:30

Christmas-time sales fail to impress, rising just 0.8 percent from last year

A last-minute surge in purchases on Saturday and Sunday afternoon kept sales data from hitting the red.

Christmas-time sales failed to impress in 2017 rising by a mere 0.8 percent on 2016 figures, the Argentine Medium-sized Business Confederation (CAME) reported.

CAME gathered sales data from between December 22 and 24 across 1,800 small and medium-sized businesses. It noted a last-minute surge in purchases on Saturday and Sunday afternoon which kept data from hitting the red.

Earlier in the week, buyers seemed put off by disturbances in and around Buenos Aires’ downtown on Monday and Tuesday, including a brief union strike that partially affected public transport.

However, last-minute discounts were a clear drawcard with CAME highlighting the poor sales of businesses with nothing or very little in the way of discounts.

Small-scale importation of appliances and technological goods were countered with stricter border controls and a plan implemented by CAME and the ATACYC that allowed businesses to offer consumers 12-installment, interest-free repayments across all product types.


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