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CULTURE | 10-11-2023 15:01

Minor incidents, arrests, fake tickets mar Taylor Swift's shows in Buenos Aires

Police operations were conducted in the vicinity of the River Plate Monumental Stadium before and after fans entered found the usual array of illegality

The first Taylor Swift show at the River Plate's Mas Monumental Stadium drew more than 70,000 people – and its fair share of wrongdoings. 

Local police in Buenos Aires said that incidents involving fans and criminals had lead up to 60 being detained by officers, with five arrests for the selling of fake tickets, scalping and touting.

The City Police, together with the Judicial Investigations Body of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and staff of Traffic Agents of the Secretariat of Transport, set up a special operation to protect the public and prevent irregularities.

Police sources specified that 60 people were discovered carrying out irregular activities close to the corners of Monroe and Figueroa Alcorta and Campos Salles and Libertador. All of them were arrested for various violations, including several 'trapitos' – individuals who charge people to 'protect' their car while it is parked on a public street.

According to reports, at least three young people who tried to enter the stadium without tickets or with false credentials also stood out.

Six counterfeit wristbands from the event were seized, along with a fake media credential.

While making rounds, the officers discovered a Peruvian ticket tout aged 28. When they searched him, the policemen found five concert tickets, US$200 and 203,000 pesos.

On the other hand, officers detected a man who had overcharged 120,000 pesos to a group of girls to help them enter the concert through a worker, which is why he was also arrested and sent to court.





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