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Rod Schejtman among select list of composers in WorldVision Composers Contest

Pianist and composer participates in renowned international competition with 'La Magia di Vivere,' work for symphony orchestra that requires 85 musicians on stage.

When it comes to classical music, the greatest composers of the past centuries come to one’s mind: Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven. But are there living composers able to compose classical music masterpieces in our current era?

WorldVision Composers Contest is a global competition that seeks to find the most talented classical composers of our time – and reward their talent.

In this year’s edition, the WorldVision Composers Contest has already shortlisted the 88 best composers in the world, and through multiple stages of selection, first at the regional level, then nationally, and worldwide, the winning work will be reached, which will be performed by the Symphony Nova Orchestrer Wien (NOW) during the final Gala Concert of the WorldVision Music Contest at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

In this context, pianist Rod Schejtman is on that select list of 88 shortlisted composers competing worldwide.

An investigator, music theorist, and composer, Rod Schejtman is also the CEO of The Piano Encyclopedia, the quintessential music academy and music books publishing company ( The company has been featured by as the "Rosetta Stone of the music education sector" and described as "revolutionising the way people learn how to play the piano around the world." Since 2005 it has taught thousands of students in over 75 countries what many would consider impossible – to play by ear, improvise, and compose music – by revealing the logic behind music.

Influenced by romantic classical figures, such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff, and marked by film music by composers, such as John Williams and Ennio Morricone, Schejtman’s works take the listener through a journey of intense emotions

With over 25 years of experience, Rod Schejtman has composed classical and film music that has been streamed on international radio, TV, and live events. His music has been used along with the voiceover of famous actors, and his latest works include a symphonic piece commissioned by the international company Perfil Group on the occasion of the award ceremony of its co-founder and CEO, Jorge Fontevecchia, who was awarded the title of "Illustrious Citizen."

Influenced by romantic classical figures such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff, and marked by film music by composers such as John Williams and Ennio Morricone, Schejtman's work takes the listener through a journey of intense emotions, often impossible to describe in words.

In the current contest, Schejtman is participating with 'La Magia di Vivere,' a musical work for symphonic orchestra, from his new album 'Orchestral Fantasies.' Playing La Magia di Vivere requires 85 musicians on stage, with a 59-players strings section (violins, violas, cellos, and double basses), a grand brass section, woodwind instruments, harp, and symphonic percussion.

In detail, the orchestral structure encloses: one piccolo, three flutes, three oboes, one English horn, three clarinets in Bb, one bass clarinet, one bassoon, one contrabassoon, four French horns, one trumpet, three3 tenor trombones, one tuba, cymbals, bass drums, timpani, harp, 16 first-violins, 12 second-violins, 12 violas, 10 cellos, and eight basses. 

“Most often, time passes us quickly, and we forget about something that we only remember at the most difficult and crucial moments of our lives. 'La Magia di Vivere' is a work written in one of those moments of epiphany, when we realise the miracle of simply being alive; and we remember how important it is to enjoy each of our days to the fullest – and value what really matters,” said Schejtman about his recent masterpiece.

The first part of the WorldVision Composers contest is defined via public voting. You can listen to 'La Magia di Vivere' and vote for Rod Schejtman via the following link:


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