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Disinformation hackathon: Seeking contributors to help tackle fake news

On April 17 and 18, journalists, programmers, data analysts and designers will meet in Buenos Aires to debate and design tools to combat disinformation – the 2024 'Hackathon contra la desinformación' is almost upon us!

Journalists, communicators, media professionals, programmers, data analysts, designers and experts are being sought to tackle one of the biggest issues facing the world today: how to tackle fake news and disinformation in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

The "Hackeá a la desinformación" will take place in Buenos Aires next month and its organisers are looking to debate and think of ways to combat this massive issue and create a healthier and more powerful news ecosystem.

The meeting will consist of speakers, blitz talks, ongoing project presentations and feature a space to create tools that can be applied in the media and the digital ecosystem to combat disinformation. The practical part will be guided by specialised mentors and the best projects will receive awards so that they can be realised.

Organised by Fundación Perfil and with the support of Universidad del Sur, the gathering is already being presented as one of the most challenging events on the media agenda. Over the next few days, the speakers and terms and conditions will be announced.

Registration and participation is free and open to advanced students from related careers. April 17 and 18... save the date!

To receive up-to-date information, register at [email protected] or visit www.hackeando.com.ar.

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