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Fátima Flórez cashes in on the Milei effect

Argentina’s unofficial first lady, impersonator and comedian Fátima Florez is filling theatres with a new show – one that includes a spot-on impersonation of her boyfriend, President Javier Milei.


t her performance on opening night in Mar del Plata, the impersonator filled the theatre to the rafters.

On Tuesday, December 26, just days away from the new year, comedian Fátima Flórez debuted with her new show at the Roxy Theatre in Mar del Plata, opening what will surely be the most successful season of her career. 

The visibility afforded by being the unofficial first lady Argentina – since she is President Javier Milei’s girlfriend – has given the 42-year-old a greater federal presence than ever before. From all corners of the country, fans new and old are already demanding tickets and new dates to see her at.

Fátima 100% is likely coming to a theatre near you soon.

At her performance on opening night in Mar del Plata – despite the coastal resort reporting lower-than-normal hotel occupancy rates due to the ongoing economic crisis – the impersonator filled the theatre to the rafters.

Flórez, as always, made an impression, bursting onstage halfway through the show with a new take that no-one would have dared to have predicted. 

By way of MC, journalist Marcelo Polino announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, the President of Argentina, Mr Javier Milei.” Dressed and made-up as her partner, with a wig representing the libertarian’s iconic haircut, an impeccable dark suit and adorned with an imitation presidential sash, as the tune of rock band La Renga and their song ‘Panic Show,’ boomed from the speakers (the lyrics read: “Hello everyone! I’m the lion… Please don’t run away from me, I’m the king of a lost world”), Florez stormed onto the stage.

Those in the stalls could not believe their eyes – immediately a sea of mobile phones came out to start recording Fátima, as she imitated all of Milei’s gestures. Before the show was over, the videos were already going viral online.

Earlier in the month, while seated at Mirtha Legrand’s televised dinner table, Milei had promised that he would go and see his girlfriend on the coast. 

Many thought he wouldn’t follow through with the idea – on Wednesday, December 27, emotions were running high as the opposition and the CGT umbrella union grouping reacted to the publishing of his emergency decree enforcing economic deregulation. His visit was postponed until Friday, but Milei eventually made the trip.

On December 29, Argentina’s head of state was able to enjoy his partner’s impersonations of the nation’s famous faces, including Susana Giménez, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Carmen Barbieri, María Eugenia Vidal, and of course, himself. 

As Flórez recreated his pouting face, thumbs up, ticks, catchphrases (“I mean”, “let’s say” and “long live liberty, damn it!”) and raspy voice, the audience cheered with delight.

Fátima even used the president’s words, reciting: “Liberalism is the unrestricted respect for your fellow man’s life project based on the principle of non-aggression and in defence of life, liberty and property. Long live liberty, damn it!”

The moment broke the star’s concentration, with the comedian momentarily collapsing into giggles. The audience roared its approval and she continued.

“In my Government, hairdressers will work for free, because those who cut streets won’t get paid,” she quipped to laughter. 

Repeating Milei’s mantra, she concluded the bit with another of the president’s phrases: “No hay plata, no hay plata, no hay plata…”  

Evidently some still have enough to buy a ticket to see Flórez, whose star continues to rise.



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