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CULTURE | 24-11-2023 17:01

British Embassy stages King Charles III birthday bash

British Ambassador to Argentina Kirsty Hayes says Britain is "ready to begin writing a new chapter in bilateral relationship" at party marking the 75th birthday of King Charles III.

On Thursday evening the British Embassy celebrated the 75th birthday of King Charles III at its stately residence with over 900 guests from all walks of life including politics, business, fellow-ambassadors, academics, artists, journalists and leading members of civil society. 

British Ambassador Kirsty Hayes used her speech to congratulate president-elect Javier Milei on his recent electoral triumph.

“From the United Kingdom we are ready to begin writing a new chapter in our long and rich bilateral relationship and to continue boosting the links between Argentines and Brits,” affirmed the envoy in her speech delivered in Spanish while saluting the strong commitment to democracy shown by Argentines in going to the polls three times this year in elections characterised by their peaceful spirit and high turnout. 

The Ambassador also highlighted the recent bicentenary of Woodbine Parish’s appointment as the first British Consul-General in Buenos Aires.

“Thus was born a bilateral relationship which, with its ups and downs, has doubtless been the fullest and most intense which Britain has had with this region,” she affirmed.

The local celebration of the Royal Birthday first obtained a carbon-neutral certificate whereby to compensate for the emissions of the event, the British Embassy pledged planting a native tree for every guest, thus permitting the reforestation of the Parque Nacional Lanín to be expanded by a surface equivalent to four or five football pitches.

The speech was followed by the actress and singer Lucila Gandolfo, who has some Anglo-Argentine blood apart from being graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, singing the national anthem of Argentina and the United Kingdom. Afterwards, the group Master Stroke paid a live tribute to the British band Queen, followed in turn by the disc jockey Maxi Martina, who directs The Selector (the weekly radio programme of the British Council), let loose with a selection of British music across the ages.

Other musical moments were interpreted by the Orquesta de los Barrios, Néstor Tedesco’s project to channel the talents of young musicians from vulnerable neighbourhoods. The traditional bagpiping was maintained by the South American Piping Association (SAPA). 

The event was sponsored by various British companies taking full advantage of this opportunity to promote their products and services.


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