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ARGENTINA | 29-09-2023 18:28

Women across Argentina march in defence of abortion rights

Thousands of women marched Thursday in defence of the recently acquired right to abortion, which they fear will be endangered if Javier Milei wins presidential elections next month.

Thousands marched downtown on Thursday to defend the legalisation of abortion, which "is in danger," according to the demonstrators, if the far right candidate Javier Milei wins the presidential elections next month.

Most of the marchers, including feminist activists and trade union leaders, wore green, the symbolic colour of the struggle for the legalisation of abortion.

"We’re joining up to defend women’s rights because we’re afraid they’ll be thrown overboard by the elections," said psychologist Martha Gazzano, 47, who was accompanied by her 15-year-old daughter.

"Milei is proposing many things against the right to abortion and education regarding gender violence," she pointed out, also criticising "his vision of women, labour rights and diversity."
Since 2021 the voluntary interruption of pregnancy has been legal in Argentina since the 14th week.

"It was a struggle of many people over many years and when it was approved, it was a fiesta and now it is in danger,” added Gazzano.

The presidential frontrunner has proposed repealing the law and also eliminating the Women, Gender & Diversity Ministry.

Teacher Florencia Moragas, 37, marched with a poster showing a red stop sign traversed by a chainsaw, the symbol of Milei’s campaign and his discourse against the political class, whom he calls "the caste."

"We don’t want the chainsaw being used mindlessly to hack away policies costing us so much," Moragas told AFP during the march which set out from outside the Casa Rosada in Plaza de Mayo and continued until Congress.

Demonstrations in defence of legal abortion were also held in other countries of the region such as Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and El Salvador. Around 100 people marched earlier in Venezuela.



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